Pro-League Score Scaling Change

:crown: Hello everybody,

As of today, we will start using a new method for identifying and rewarding the top spots in the Pro-League.

An automated system will now repeatedly collect and analyze all scores achieved over the course of a Pro-Cup. That also means that it will no longer automatically be the Top 10 who are sorted in Tier 1. Instead, a score that was calculated as being realistic and appropriate will set the bar (also under the consideration of the full scope of scores that have been achieved), meaning that the first tier will most likely consist of fewer people than it does now, but at the same time won’t reward unrealistically high scores as much anymore.

Please understand that we can’t go into more detail about this new system since every bit of additional information will only help those who purposefully want to mess with the game and the fun of others.

Note: Don’t be surprised if the score thresholds change every once in a while since this is part of the new system.

Your Royal Revolt 2 - team