Pro League Shop, Monthly Leaderboard and Shop slots availability

One thing I have not been able to figure out is why are the Shop and the Monthly Leaderboards not changed at the same time?

During the last Pro League (1 week ago), I’ve learned that that was the end of the Monthly Leaderboards, which I did not expect, as I don’t do every single Pro League - I expected the Monthly Leaderboards to be reset at the end of the month, you know, the thing that should logically happen.

And the Pro Shop rotation is another thing - it’s been probably nearly a full month now since it’s been reshuffled, so imagine my surprise when the Shop didn’t change 1 week ago, exactly when the last Monthly Leaderboards were reset.

I think just for damned clarity and logic, both should change at the exact same time, and that time should be moved at the end of the month or beginning of the next one. For example, anywhere between the 25th and 31st of each month, both the Pro Shop and the Monthly Leaderboards for Pro League should reset simultaneously. This will allow people to better gather and utilize their Tickets to make the most out of the Monthly ranking. I am just honestly surprised it is not working like this already; a rather unnecessary oversight on Flare’s part.

Another thing I wanted to touch on were the number of item Slots within the Pro Shop. There are currently 12 slots (that was improved some time ago, so good job on that), but clearly there’s room for 6 additional ones, if only that silly animated Girl was removed from the Shop’s screen - she really serves no purpose there and is unnecessary.

I am convinced that the state of things, even today, is that there are far more players who miss the entire Omega Set and far less people who really need a Pro Pet (if you’re getting the Pet first, you’re doing it wrong). Only the richest of players have most Pro Pets since Pro League came out, not to mention the sets as well, so they really couldn’t care less about how many of the Pro Item slots are occupied by what, whereas the rest of us does care, since we still need to complete our Pro Sets and pets are all but secondary to us.

That said, here’s the TLDR:

  • Move the Monthly Pro League Leaderboard reset (and Shop’s item rotation reset as well) to the same day, preferrably at the end of each month.
  • Remove the Pro League Girl from the Shop’s screen; she’s just taking unnecessary space which could be better utilized.
  • Add 6 more Item Slots to the Pro Shop now that you’ve fired the poor Girl.
  • Out of those 6 additional Item Slots, a maximum of 2 Slots should be taken by Pets, making it a rather even split between 12 Item slots and 6 Pet slots, an even 18 total. Item sets are more important and many more people desire them than people desire Pets, which are also more expensive when it comes to a singular purchase, not to mention an entire Pro League set costs far more than a Pro Pet does.
  • Do not wait 3-6 months to do this; do it in 1 month instead, because you know it’s the right decision and one that is already overdue for release.

And lastly, there is the obvious and very apparent issue of a single Pro League Set trumping them all, which is the Omega set, and if you want more people to actually continue and be active within the Pro League (because Pearls alone are not attractive enough and will not sustain this business model for too long), you obviously need to make the other sets more attractive in terms of what stats they provide together as a set and what other stats those items can be re-rolled to.

While you’re at it, and this is also rather important, you need to improve the game’s UI so that it is possible to see an unowned item’s stat re-roll options prior to acquiring it, which is very vital for all Pro Items but also Event Items, so that people don’t needlessly spend their respective currencies, only to find out you can’t get a Skull Perk roll on that item, for example.