Pro-League Spell damage bug

So, here I was going to start my pro-league just as usual, but not without preparing myself first.

Preparing as in, checking my king setup: the units, spells and even the perks on the default gear (no I don’t see FTB pro-league videos on youtube because I don’t want to spoil the fun  :stuck_out_tongue: )

Then, I just realized… Wow, so cool… I got a blizzard perk to help me out!

But nope, all lies.

As you can see, the Blizzard damage should be 4969,9 (green) instead of 4405 (white).

Can anyone please confirm me if they have the same issue?

If these perks were selected to help us, at least I expect them to be of real use…

PS: I didn’t take a screenshot about the units, but I think their damage was indeed boosted(green) just like expected with these perks.

Visually bugged in the card. But in practice it i’s involved the extra damage.

Humm ok… But how are you so sure about that?