Pro League - spells location on the screen

As you can see from the printscreen above, spells are numbered as 5 and 6, however they are in 6 and 7’s spot ! They’re in the wrong spot!

This is very confusing for windows 10 players. There’s also no use or need for doing this.

If they’re in spots #6 and #7, then just give them those hotkeys. There’s no need swap the hotkeys or placement.

My my, this is petty. The spells are in slots 5 and 6 when you only have 2, and then bump up to 7 once you get 3. Really not that hard. I understand it takes a bit to get used to, but this is not a mistake, nor is it a problem :D. Good day

You’re not getting it.

I don’t care where they are, I just would like them to have the right hotkey assigned to them. They can be located on the right, no problem, just assign #6 and #7 to them.


Otherwise it gets confusing for win10 users who actually use the hotkeys.

You’re not getting what I’m saying lol, it doesn’t matter what keys you use for two spells, cause at the beginning of the game, the spells are labeled 5 and 6, so it’s not a mistake and it shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re an idiot who can’t change the way you play for 35 minutes

  1. Mind your language. You have no business calling anyone an idiot.

  2. You’re still not getting it. Saying “that’s the way things are” is not an inteligent solution for a bad hotkeys/spell placement.


This is a sugestions subforum. I’m proposing an improvement to an existing bad implementation. That’s it.

Hi @AwesomestKnightest

Nine months ago you were one of the most friendly and respectable new members on the forum. You had many new ideas and you were treated with respect then. I really enjoyed your creative ideas. I even friended you in the game to follow your progress. Lately your posts are not on the same high respectable quality. 

I agree with @ARREBIMBA - please mind your language.

How about a more generic and really useful feature…

I would love to have a section on the settings page where I can set my hotkeys!

Every game on PC should have a keybindings settings screen, so why not Royal Revolt too?

I bet 9999 already suggested this, but let me suggest it again please  :stuck_out_tongue:


PS: Please make this a thing @FTB @GalaMorgane

That would be even better. 

Same problem with phone users also. 

Without 3 troops its very hard to tap multiple times if ur hand is set for 3 troops layout. Most of the times i end up being tapping on empty space 

Dealing with a lot of stress lately, I apologize if my behavior seems a bit off


How is that language? I wasn’t even calling ARREMBIMBA an idiot. I was simply saying that if someone can’t handle an itsy bitsy change for 35 minutes, it’s a bit overboard. I guess, after further analyzing, this is actually a fair suggestion. It would make things simpler and would cause less commotion. I, personally, don’t have a problem with it, but I can see that most do lol, so, go ahead and change it :wink:  

This is one of the awesomest knightlyest statements ever @AwesomestKnightest.

(Only the brave will ever do it)

Is this a compliment? Cause it sounds like one at first but could also be referring to the “new me” LOL