Pro league tickets

Why can’t I participate in pro league? 

Have trying for a long time but still can’t so when the new update come I give away some tickets and hopes I could play but nothing. 

I hope your team can fix this fast because I want to play and get chest and more like the other but now I can’t just donate tickets. 

Best regards Shubhya 

Perhaps you got banned from pro league. Try to contact support for better explanation:

Be sure to have throne room lvl 10 

I’m not banned in the game for nothing and I have maxed throne and before I could play pro league before the update

If you’ve been play pro league before and there’s nothing problem, you’ll get crown emblem on your hero stat but I see nothing there. So I think you should ask support for better explanation regarding your account.



Yep I have written to them and waiting for answer 

But I have never been so good in pro league so I have not get any crowns but chest and other items and that I’m happy for

Me too, never be able to rank top 100. At least I still get transparent crown for just participating in pro league. LOL


You will be there someday so don’t worry and don’t rush. 

When it’s your time you will feel it ?

So just enjoy the game and have ??