Pro league tier adapting

So as we all saw the tier for the past couple of days in the proL were 1500+ u get 10 chest and 15k crystals a lot of players had bought tickets and joined and when the clock hit 1 day left flare adopt the tiers for a lower rewards with 0 announcement, the issue is when a pro L is hard no adapting occurs and now because everyone was winning flare decided no no one getting rewards this is pure scamming at least announce at least when we are getting 1 chest and 900 crystal do smthg and help us not now flare


Hi @G1nasis
I can understand that you are not happy about the adjustment and I promise I take the feedback to the producer.
But let’s leave the feedback in one topic (below). Thanks for your understanding.
Thanks Arrebimba for sharing the link.
[Current Pro Rewards ]