Pro League - Tier Rewards were updated, but the old rewards were given


Pro League: Icicle cup

End date: 8th Jan 2019

I scored 1827, rank45.

Originaly, that would give me 3.000 crystals and 3 pro chests.


Since nobody got the top rewards, all tier rewards were adjusted, so my score bumped me up to 8.000 crystals and 5 pro chests.


However, I still only got the original 3000 crystals and 3 pro chests.


I confirmed in game that indeed I only got 3 pro chests and my crystals only went up by 3.000.

This happened to several alliance members as well.

This still hasn’t been adressed.

The CS didn’t give any feedback either.


Sorry for the confusion but we haven’t adjusted the tier rewards. The rewards you’ve received were the correct ones (3000 Crystals + 3 Pro-Chests).

After the pro-cup ended, the new tier sorting was already applied and therefore it was showing the tiering for the upcoming cup. That’s the reason why you’ve seen different rewards in the leaderboard.

Thanks for the clarification. ?