Pro league tiers


I like tier system in pro league. It is better than the ranking system 

At the start top tier was near 1600 then they increased it to 1900, now it is 1970.

Even @FTB scrored  1644 in last pro league 

With all the bugs, cheaters and exploiters, Is up scaling(increasing) top tiers is justifiable? 



They should shown us the hero level also in pro league

Why? What good would that do? I mean, we already have the stats of the hero, and it’s not like we can upgrade our PL hero or anything

It will set our mind , almost think that hero will be our ingame hero, especially in between the fight, 

Level 80 , level 100 or may be level 50 

But it will be positive for us.


hmm, I see. So, even though it would really do nothing, it would kinda let us know, based on the hero level, what kind of bases we are going up against. It could work :slight_smile:  

That is cool, but I also miss another thing.

Please add the Pal damage.

Last time I looked into the Kaiser pal, it only said “Level X, Damage Blunt”.

Like… Hellooooo?  <_<

We totally know kaiser gives blunt damage!

Knowing the Pal damage upfront would be really cool.

At least we would know if his damage was: bad, really bad, or terrible  :stuck_out_tongue:


Good Point but Flare don’t like make people lazy you know. A little research don’t kill someone lol. in RR2 we must always search the info.If you know your Kaiser at level 8 do 12K damage with sonic Blast. If by example in a PL he is level 4 he should do close 6K. So if you have the pal is easy or just look the info on the wiki. For lazy people I admit Flare should add all info and clear. (sorry a little bit sarcastic)

i don’t remember have play a game where you need to search info for each stuffs because Flare don’t want to add it. the missing info is annoying