Pro League Tiers

@GalaMorgane can you give info on how this works, please? Thanks

From the video it was easy to understand. In practice according to the amount of pro-points you do during a pro league you get also extra rewards (1 pro chest and some extra crystals, etc) when the pro league finishes.

okay, just watched it again, you’re right! Thanks :grinning:  

Hope they also change it in the monthly leaderboard, it is where we really need something like that. It might make playing the 4 weeks worthy at last.

I don’t understand Pro League tiers. They don’t make sense. Moreover, Pro League would become more similar to ninja events and to festivals. The goal of Pro League is to measure players’ skills.

I think what it is, based on the video and Opelle’s comment, is that the rewards aren’t based on your place overall anymore, it’s based on how many lions you got and which tier you fit in

That would be great, because the ranking list was broken from the start on. For example, if you have 10 players with the same score on rank n, the player with the next lower score should have rank n+10, and not rank n+1 as it was implemented. That led to ever changing ranks of lower score players when players with a better score change from a unique score to the same score as others or vice versa. That was just plain wrong.

same thing is in ninja and to my view its good because 50-60 player got 1st position and the next one who just can’t broke down one tower and get 57 rank(say) then how harassing is that. Just missed one tower and if he get that rank surely its not good.

And somewhat same with pro league, on a single score 20-25 players are there and just because you scored a single less lion your rank decreases by 17(say) then it becomes abnormally hard… After all its a game not a competitive exam where seats are limited. To keep players happier its good.


Yes, but in your example 56 other players did not miss one tower! Rank 2 is simply not justified. And that’s why result tiers are welcome. The result depends entirely on your performance, not on others.

Right , result tiers are good but just think it both are same. Its not affect the results. Like one less lion and rank decreases by nearly 20

Exactly, I really like this change indeed and, as a said before, I hope we also have a monthly tier.

Obviously not justified in practical life but its game my bro. And i have no problem with result tiers.

This is all speculation, but if tiers are going to be anything like we’ve been predicting, then it will highly depend on the difficulty on the pro league itself as much as your skill. Pro leagues usually vary on difficulty with top scores going between as low as 1200 to as high as 2100.