Pro league too difficult to play ? even for pro's

I am playing this game for 3 years but still I never reached top 10 in league. Some time it’s make feel discourage to play.  Do u feel same? 

Be proud. It proves you don’t play with many IDs. 

Do you observe the low level players are ranking high. Who are they??  Really new? 

Yeah, I’m the same :wink: if I could play with 10 accounts every single PL chances are that finally maybe I could be lucky to get to top 10 with some random account, though, if it wasn’t the main one where is pride and fun ? :slight_smile:

Not really :wink: Just because you play a long time, doesn’t automatically mean that you’re a pro :wink: also, the combos in the pro leagues are most of the time combos that you never used or, that’s why it isn’t easy. Many guys play with more than one account that’s why they can score more in almost every league. You see so many low level accounts that dominate the leagues, those accounts are mostly played by guys whose main accounts have been banned. If you only have one account but still finish top 10, then you can consider yourself skilled/lucky :wink: having multiple accounts is definitely a huuuuuge advantage. If you make some mistakes with one account, you learn and you can make it better next time with another account. All in all, the pro league will never be a fair competition and it shouldn’t discourage anyone that can’t finish top 10

yeah me too playing this for almost 3 years and it’s very frustrating when after collecting 4 tickets I play for a full month and still I end up in 200-300 rank… 

I play this game every day, I tried most of combos I reached to top 100 many times but never reached top 10 I don’t think I will in feature, it is to simple  understand pro league in bad shape. 

Yes new players reaching max score, it something unthinkable but it’s true 

I am just pro.  I am not super Pro  ?

Depend of each person I guess. for me I don’t try to be a e-sport professional like FTB who reach top 3 each Pro league. If you have seen my first Pro League ranked below 1000. that was not glorious and my second in top 300. Same if I have a Youtube Channel I don’t care to show I have finish 300,1000 or 5000. This event is hard and I don’t have problem with the fact only the best can reach top 100. For me the main reason to do a Pro league is for have fun and only have fun to try to reach level 10,11 and 12. The fun is the main reason to do Pro League after you can do it for Pro item,etc… all depend of each person

Stop complaining. The objective of Pro League is to measure the skills of the players.

Yeah, cost pro ticket  too expensive it hurts people when they spend not receive any good profit 

With multi accounts and other cheating, that’s not really the result.