Pro league too hard

This pro league is too hard again. No players reach 1900 points. Can you adjust the tiers please?

I reached 11 challenges, but there is no time  on 12 O_o


i agree, the pro leauge is hard and the tiers are very high

Git gud! :wink:

Just kidding  ?, we will look into it :slight_smile:

Haven’t you noticed? The top pro league players are all newbies under lvl90 ^_^

Lol, I gotta say, if you can’t make it past the first challenge, then you aren’t playing the game correctly. It is almost impossible to not get past the first round

he means you don’t use the right spells on the right ennemy or tower. Bad timing to use spells or don’t summon the right troop,etc…

Are these spells even in the actual PL?!

She’s saying that in their normal battles they use FS, Stun, and Sonic Blast. Because they aren’t used to the other spells they won’t use them, for whatever reason. It’s 100% their fault. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t even try to use them. I don’t care if they are spells you’ve never used, that shouldn’t make too much of a difference. Use them 2 or 3 times and you know what to do

That’s the point of the Pro League. Everyone has the same king, same pal, same spells, and same troops. It’s a League to figure out who is the best with that setup!

Discussion pointless. 

Hi  @AxlShoutmon,

This thread was for the Pro-League two weeks ago and is already solved. Please do not hijack the thread with a different discussion. Thanks!

As already explained by the others the Pro-League provides a certain kind of set-up different every week for everyone. Therefore, you cannot use the scrolls or equipment your King/Queen usually has. There is also a video here (and in the game):

Since the original thread issue is solved, I am closing this thread.