Pro League "Ursa Cup" Bug

Hello there!

Besides experiencing a disconnect of the game out of the blue during my run on level 6 (wasting more than 1 minute on it for nothing ?) my total score is showing two different amounts.

When I check my score through the PL landscape (the trail where your king walks and chooses which lvl he will fight) it shows one number.
But when I check my alliance total score board towards the boost, it shows another number.

The same goes for when I check the score through the “tier system” (similar to the ninja event) vs. when I check it through the current PL leaderboard.
In the tier system my total score is higher than in the current PL Leaderboard.

What appears to have counted is the number showing on the PL Leaderboard (which is lower)…
In my case the difference is the bare minimum (just 1 unit). In the end of the league I ranked #299 but I could have been ranked #298 if the number showing on the tier system and the landscape was considered.

I also would like to point out (for those that will say this is to much over something so small) that, even if it is the bare minimum, just this one point can make the difference for example being in the Top #100 (and getting a bronze crown) or being placed in #101 (and not getting a bronze crown).

Sooo… what’s up with that?? Yet another bug?? What number is the right one??

I get this bug all the time in the PL, almost every time, in fact. I think what has happened here, is that with the % you got on each base you got an estimate on how many lion badges you receive. For instance, on level 1, which is what, 120? If you got 97%, that would be 116.4 lion badges. Instead of that exact number, the game will only show 116, so over time, if you don’t get 100% on all rounds, you could have ended up with 1491.5 and it’s rounding both to 1492 and to 1491 at the same time. I may be wrong, but this seems to, most likely, be the problem. Your score will count as 1491 on the leaderboard, so it’s just a visual bug in the PL home screen. Hope this helps

P.S. Somebody please correct me, if I am wrong, thanks :grinning:  

First of all thanks for the answer!

I hope and official statement or explanation from Flare comes forward because this is the first time I (and people from my alliance) have ever seen this and I played quite a few PLs so far… Also in these PLs I for sure had results that were not 100% (like 99,999% of people I guess hahahaha) and I have never seen these double standards…
More than that, if there is indeed a rounding up or down of the results, then they should make it clear how it works.

I think the problem goes beyond of being just a visual bug, since all ways of seeing your score are official in-game features and as I mentioned earlier, it does change the ranking you are in (even if it is just a bit) depending on what feature you are basing yourself off. It could even (unlikely) change the lvl of the Pro Boost your alliance is getting.

Anyone else have seen this before and have other thoughts?

So @GalaMorgane… is anyone going to address this issue/doubt?


Have you contacted support about it? 

No, not yet
Since it was the first league of the month and the difference was small I decided to post it here and seek info with other players first.

But so far, only you have answered and gave your thoughts on it, thoughts that I told you I have never heard before (but have their merits), so I’m waiting for an official answer without having to create a ticket and pass through all that burocracy and time…

If I have no answer then I’ll question support, load them with yet another ticket for them to answer. ?‍♂️

Hey there,

for some reason we occacionally have a discrepancy between the value on our server and what is displayed in game with the Pro-Score. The value displayed in the Leaderboard is the correct one. We have this issue on our list and will fix it in a future version. If this should end up screwing you out of potentially better rewards some time, feel free to contact our Customer Support about it.

Thanks for the reply!

Eventhough you don’t know for sure why this issue sometimes happens(at least that is what sounded like in your answer), at least I now know it is on your radar and that maybe it is not something new and that is not only affecting to me.

If it keeps happening and by the end of the month, and consequently the end of all 4 PLs, I do lose considerable ranking and therefore better rewards I’ll do just that and contact Customer Support.

Thanks again.