Pro-League violating Terms of Service what is this

การสนับสนุน Flaregames บอกฉันว่าฉันละเมิดข้อตกลงในการให้บริการ Pro-League นี่คืออะไร

So if we follow flare logic… …you can still kill people and go around the city in the meantime. Congrats Flare.

The most problem with pro league that caused ban and removing from leaderboards are account sharing, multi account, and cheating. Go appeal to CS if you didn’t do 1 from 3 of them.

I played three accounts on a single smartphone, never had a problem.

You can read Flare Terms of Service from this link:



Three accounts I did not buy, do any sales is the account I created to play with my friends

You have three accounts that’s why you get banned. You’re not allowed to play multiple accounts in the pro league. Ofc many do it without getting banned

Yes, that is in violation with the terms and service.

You never had a problem, until now. Now you have a problem.

Do I need to play just one or have to buy another smartphone?

Get 40 and create an alliance… lol