PRO League Weekend Pass

Pro League runs from Friday until Tuesday each week, and I always do the event right away I am so eager and excited, but then I have to wait until Tuesday to see how I did and what I get as a reward. I would like to see a changed added to the League. (one change)
Make a PRO League ticket an all Weekend Pass. A players has a ticket, enters the event and just like any Festival or Ninja Event, that player can participate each and every day. Meaning if a player starts on Friday they can look forward to Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon (and make it so that the players Best Day) is what counts towards their weekly reward. By doing this, it gives all RR2 players something to look forward to each day of the PRO League, they get to challenge themselves to beat their personal best; and it also helps them understand the game mechanics of the various combination of spells/units/ and gear that each PRO League has to offer.