Pro league with no gate towers?

Well thanks to last update pro league is par with the regular gameplay…we got pals we can rearrange the positions of spells and troops.


But but…

Why we don’t have gate towers in pro legues(I am sure I have never faced any in which I played)

Either add gate towers to PL or remove them from regular gameplay too

I dnt like towers near gate in war too.

another side its make game ? 

I would like them to lift gate tower function totally…I mean I am bound to take hammer or sonic or else I cant take any base with victory…they are saying us to stick to blunt spells

It is a good topic. But u should rename the title to gate towers or something like that 

Because PL is balanced, unlike war.


In war every base is easy so gate towers are just there to prevent you from getting 100%.


In PL it is difficult to defeat all bases so don’t need gate towers to prevent you from getting 100%.

Thanks I edited it

U r saying war is unbalanced ?

Well, just because most things in the PL are similar to a normal attack, doesn’t mean it should be exactly the same, right? Lacuna is right, the PL doesn’t have gate towers cause it doesn’t need gate towers. The levels are hard enough by themselves

Agree but for examples in ninja event I would prefer more challenging levels instead of gate towers that screw your raids in the first levels. Of course I’m not talking of PL difficulty but it would make the event less frustrating for everyone.

Oh yeah, totally. I agree, gate towers are extremely frustrating and should really only be involved in normal raids, and not in special events. In the war, I am 100% fine with gate towers. It’s all part of the strategy to attacking. If you can’t take down the gate towers, you either spent too much time getting to the gate, or just didn’t attack at the gate properly

In this case Flare should up the gate HP. I understand its not everyone who play alone like me. No troops. I don’t know without gate towers you have no challenge. I am ranking 1 in each Ninja Event. However I am not against more challenge in the raid and not just around the gate. the beast who can appear more after just few corner or tower twice the level they are or double damage. to force us to use all troops and power. Just alone is a little boring.

the Next one I will try to up at 1800 range. Below they are boring. No challenge

U should increase ur tier to 3850+ then tell me its difficult or not

I can’t thank you enough for for this.

It’s just really dumb how at war , or when we really need that “100%”…

We have to take Hammerstrike, or SonicBlast and even then…

It feels like I’m doing a “cirurgical operation”, just so I don’t destroy the damn gate.

I just hate it too badly. It’s just not fun at all :slightly_frowning_face:

I know 3850+ are hard. I must take my time to show all tier on my Youtube and since the new system I up very slowly in trophy. I agree. I hope to reach this once again for more challenge.

I will be happy if someone will teach me how to take down players having trophies more than 4600 with two gate towers with no blunt spell combo with 100% . I find two snakes a bit tough and now there is basilisk in the market ?

2 snakes are actually not that hard. Take your SB for one and then Tammy for the other and you’re all set. Of course, you’ll want to use the scream boost to make sure your troops don’t take down the gate first

Originally, I was against this idea when, I think Maerique, suggested that the gate towers be taken out. But now, I believe it would be for the best to take them out. What I think flare should do though, to make the final battle at the gate a little more tough, is to remove the gate towers, BUT, like I said in another topic, buff the damage of the Castle Gate

U haven’t faced snakes with max HP at gate my sonic is just helpless against them and Tammy I forgot about him…aska is the champ… And I said video of 4600+ players that too without blunt spell

Gate towers in festivals are welcome (it means more battles and more gold).

The More battles u take in festivals to get to 15 crowns the less currencies u get