Pro league

Another bug ? How believable is pro league at the moment? Last pro we had problems, different video flothaboss with real pro league (see topic), some players got compensation, …

 Is pro league the start of a smaller rr2 with only a few who can win decent rewards, an the others who are asking every time when flare start to eliminate all the 2nd accounts.

Flare search for them, but allow those accounts staying in the game.  They make terms but don’t respect their terms.  

Perfect and almost perfect score.  Well played i should say

Me too i have big problem


Before my score is 1889 now is 1689

And game freez in middal attack and lost more time


Before number 10 in pro my score is 223

Now is 123 :slightly_frowning_face:


Number 11 is 169 now is 69

My score is 1889 now is 1689

Bug bug bug

Ign: rose moha


I already send mail and pics 

Still wating help


I have the same issue with the current pro leaderboard . Before I start the current pro league I could see the full leaderboard. Now that I finished it only shows this.