Pro leauge is back!

Pro leauge started again when it should have dissapeared,also for the “last pro leauge” once it finished i recived a pro ticket when i did nothing.

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Strange because I can also join the pro pro cup. Must be a bug.
Better hurry and stop it now.

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not every one has recived free pro ticket for this extra leauge , i did not

Yes me to i joined the cup,i think flare forgot to stop the pro leauge but stoped tickets from chest

I c,i did its when the “last pro leaauge” ended then i see the ticket being collected when i did nothing

I still have two free tickets. I expect this pro league was unintended. Some members received gems for their bought tickets and are confused. They have no tickets and don’t want to risk spending 500 gems for a pro league, when it’s not certain whether or not that league will continue or cancelled.

But let’s wait what staff tells us.

it’s been over 1 hour as the PRO - many players are confused and furious and flaregames are silent

Man look at window.
Whole world is collapsing.

You can or join or not pro

it’s fix now :+1: thanx

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