Pro-Leque cheat still working

well flare, nice to see that nothing has changed after update?

Please reduce top 10 pro rewards and spread it across top 300 for eg.   Many honest folks deserve a chance and will reduce incentive to hack.   The top 10 rewards are crazy

It’s not easy to get to the top 10. Reducing the reward isn’t the solution. The only solution is to get rid of the cheats and the cheaters.

Ok.   Still enjoy the pro and broke top 100 only 3 times.  Else 150-300 average.   Sad that hackers spoil the game

Anyway 2.5 days to go before life is normal again in rr2.    Thank god

Its easy to get 1600+ tgis time.

need just a but of luck.


btw topicstarter is wrong.

flare can do NOTHING with chewt engine, but they ban everyone who use it.

the glitches and the cheats are closed.


But seems someone plays many accounts??

Weird that the player is inactive. Even after you delete an account it should be around for 7 days before it finally shuts off and is shown as inactive. The pictures above make no sense to me

He got banned by flare


Well, then, they banned him and that’s good news. As cromka said, I don’t believe that flare can do anything about the Cheat engine, but they CAN and WILL ban the players that use the engine


I just wish the donate feature would be brought back. Put a cooldown timer on donating if you join/leave an alliance make it 1 week or 1 month anything. Keeps the people using 2nd accounts from sharing unless they wait. No donation hurts the middle alliances where donation is used from teammates who don’t play pro leagues and allows good boosts to be shared.

Flare, are you kidding me? 1 star guy at 10k crystal 7 chest tier…  , not to mention the rank 2 and 4 players , they are obviously multi accounts of a good player.

Time to fix pro leaderboard.

Maybe I have not so good raiding skill but whoever make good result with lv xi and xii is a god damn cheater.

Flare is useless with pro leagues, cheating is legal as always, they dont remove multi acc players.