Pro Lightning Tower

The Pro Lightning Tower (Shockingly not in the game, pun intended)

This pro boost or any other type, will give the Lightning Tower a blue glow look to it.

It’s ability would to have a chance to petrify enemy units with every shock and when the tower dies, it shocks every thing around it with a lightning explosion.

Not only would this look “Stunning” no pun intended, but it’ll be fun and useful :slight_smile:


I got this idea from looking at the pro landscape and I saw that the lightning towers glowed yellow and didn’t really match the pro them, of course this could be a skin also.

With such boosts everyone will spam it into their bases. ? Sounds like a possible mix of pro boost and wsr boost.

Hmmm Stargazer vibes  :blink: 

I don’t like it!  :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it!  :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked something about it.
Lightning tower that petrifies with 5% chance(maybe). It will stun when it is destroyed but without an EXPLOSION. Thats the best…