Pro ligue !!!!

In my opinion, the proliga should be changed to a compartment without crowns and crowns. Because it is pathetic that one person wins all the time, so people without crowns can not get their crown. People and what do you think? @Flothaboss, @Niko

Of course you can get your crown, just perform well in the PL to earn one!

You worry more about crowns or the rewards :stuck_out_tongue: ?

I worry more about not being able to tell wtf is happening in the cluster$%#@ of units and stuff exploding. :wink:

What matters a crown.  The rewards are more important.  The whole game now is how much money you spent on it.  Now you see towergate bases with a high level beast.

When you have phoebe in defence, the worst defence got almost unbeatable. 

Flare choose to go the pay way and you see it every where : when you attack high trophie players, you don’t get trophies.  With every 14 days ninja event, they are save (they can’t loose trophies when they loose against you also)

In warmaps top 10 alliances are placed with much lower alliances so they are certain they win the important boosts.

If you are leader of a team with mostly free players, it is hard to make progress any more.

And every week bases becomes harder, some fast, others slower.

I read in some answer in other topics it is hard to get 100% scroll free with skull gear.

If i see, this war, with my unboosted tower and obstacles base i catch gems from top 5 ally’s, i ask myself the question.

I see in other topics the concern about towergate bases : why  should flare change it : players use gems for it.  Gems mean buying gemchest.  So why should they change it?

If you really want see changing, stop buying and using gems for a week or 2.  Flare will only do changing when they feel it in their wallet.  And i’m not talking about the new stuff, but over all the things players complains about…