Pro pal stats

I have accumulated some crystals and are near the point where I can buy a pro pal.

However the description of the pals are vague to say the least.

 I turned to the Wiki but here it just states that the values depend on Hero level which is true but tells me nothing.

I would like to see the stats of the Pro pals as detailed as the stats for the pals I already have.

If not the stats relating to my present level then at least the stats for say a level 100 king.

That way I could compare the pals strengths.


Hey, thank you for your feedback Bladerunner!

It’s just as you say, in the past when those wikia pages were created , the creator thought it wasn’t feasible to have the values for each hero level.

We’ve been coordinating with Madlen about some new pages and those will already feature this.

Meaning: Some values despite being scalable by hero  level, we’ll show an example for hero level 100.

Just a small sample of what’s about to come :grinning:

Thanx a lot - just what I need ! ?

Closing this then. :slight_smile: