Pro pala boost is gone

As expected, the pro pala boost just expired (it could not have been prolonged when we won it last time) and no more possible to activate it as it was written in the preview of the version 6.0.0…

So…do you plan a server update soon?



It will come back after 6.0.0 will be pushed all platform
Need to wait i bet)

yeah I can imagine but the timing is not the best :slight_smile:

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I bet they expected a roll out of the version on all platforms would already have finished. For some reason, I expect Windows version has been rejected. So delay of a couple of days.

As a result, paladin boost did expire. Since it expired for everyone, I guess it’s not a real issue, since any alliance can activate it again once all platforms can download new release.

I use this unit a lot
But I am sure it Will be back before war :sunglasses:

I think we can live without palas(

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we can live with nothing but it s not as fun as having all… :slight_smile:

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With 3 days, and not everyone having the same version yet, not too likely lol. Might dust of some of the old ones just in case as a backup.

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Damn I Will suck again :joy:

Pro pala still broken… no dragons :-/