Pro Pals Improvement

Pro pals are related to space, have some new/awesome abilities, and also have some abilities of normal pal similar to its type.

Improvement :

Phoebe** :  It needs to have just one more special ability and that is _HammerStrike. _Since, Tammy doesn’t have Hammerstrike damage but it do has blunt damage and even Tammy Beast has Hammerstrike but it is its normal damage. So Phoebe’s Special Ability should beBlessing  + **Hammerstike (Range - 5.0).

Janus:  It is nice but still it missed one thing. It doesn’t have any powers of its type**(Fox) **_i.e.  _of Aki and/or _Aska. _So Janus’s Special Ability should be Portal  Confusion  / _Summoning _but its this additional new ability should be less effective than their respective pals.

For other pro pals improvement, see in comments.

There is still a  Pro  thing to be improved…

Check it out now  :-


Hi @Madlen ! I have already made this topic very earlier but now its coming as official discussion for the Janus pal.

I have given my opinion in that so go guys and check the discussion and also give your ideas there. Also One improvement is there above which I’ll write in official discussion. And tell what you think about Phoebe pal improvement**(****above)  and Nemesis pal (**Next comment).


For _ Nemesis _ Pal check out the link. 

And comment what you think of it or any improvement in that topic only.


Well Improvement of  Eris  Pal has already been discussed but still if you want to give any idea or just want to know what improvement is done, just go and check out here…