Pro Pals in Pro chests

I think the Pro Pals should also be found in Pro Chests with a very low probability. (3% or so)

Current they can only bougth in the pro shop .

For me current system is best where I exactly plan which pal to buy and save crytals according to that.

If someone gets Nemesis out of their chest , I certainly feel for the players who who saved their crystals to buy nemesis.

If we can get both pro items and pro pals, then the need for playing pro league will be very minimal.

All pro pal except nemesis, that is a long time goal …

I agree with you earlier, when the prices were cheaper, but now many items cost as much as per pals

I don’t know about this. The chance for a Pro Ticket is 0.1%, I think, and you can only get about 5-10 thousand crystals on average in the PL, if you’re not really a top PL player, so I think if this was added in, the probability should be lower than a Pro Ticket. The pro pals should not be able to be found, because of the time it takes to receive them. Just imagine, Phoebe would be in nearly every alliance (every alliance that has PL players, at least) after 2 or 3 months with this suggestion, maybe less

really … then you are good :rolleyes:

i don’t know the how many % or 0,xx % that value can keenflare decide, only a possiblity to find should be

well, 5k would be the least, but I stretched it to 10k cause there are some PL’s where you place better than others. I typically get about 2k crystals, I think, from the attacks, the rest come from placement in the tier and chests