Pro Phoenix cup

Hi what happened to the pro league Phoenix cup it is now the sniper cup.

Hello Wych,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We also noticed that we currently have the wrong Pro-Cup running and rest assured the team is investigating this issue. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more information to share with you.

Our apologies for the confusion caused by this problem.

Your Royal Revolt 2 team.

@Nikko…Again Epic Fail from @Failgames side… To be honest I have stopped already counting your fails. LOL   DO SOMETHING AT LEAST WITH THIS BUTTHEAD DEVELOPERS THERE!!!

Whats up with you? Why its so matter for you- which combo you would use in Pro?


after those your post you will cry like baby, cuz they will atop inform about pro combos



No matter which combo will be.

I agree, no need for changes, new combo can remain. But 1 thing, they need to fix their ‘server maintenance’.

I am more concerned that they might be ■■■■■■ enough to stop this “wrong” pro league, reset and restart the correct one. Those who have already started will be upset at wasted efforts, tickets and time

Personally I won’t be upset :stuck_out_tongue: …I’ll enjoy playing two PL in a week. Anyway the players at top will be affected. 

indeed, I m also more concerned about the ones that already started it…

No matter the combo used because in the end, if you dont follow forum, you dont know the combo before having entered the league


I start it and I take crystals. Then flaregames resets and I redo it and take other crystals...

@Nikko  So are you going to let it run… or fix it?

I dont care either is fine just dont want to bother doing one that gets cancelled.


OF course it is matter for me …when u pronounce something hold on this. it is normal behavior in this world. When someone send u to buy bread u will not buy

and I’m not CRYING LIKE a baby… i.m just saying that is another fail from Flaregames…so do not miss my point @Cromka1. and when u already taking about crying on this forum I think u are talking about yourself. Because everything what hit directly VL it is reason for “cry” in this forum for U …but post from other people are “small” for U.

U are not alone and VL in this game…do not forget this @Cromka1 . and second thing …my post was directed to flare…not to u. So are u responding …LOL

Well, I think the current “issue” is not that bad and has no impact on the game. Maybe they should announce only “Surprise Cups” in the future to avoid such things. Hihi

… or, have an “Apology of the Day” PopUp when entering the Game. So no one can ever complain about non-reacting Devs.

I really dont think its a big issue…

They have been nice enough to post this ahead of time for everyone … so if they may a mistake then fine it happens. 

if you want to be abusive then I am sure they can just not say anything and you will have nothing to complain about.

It’s not big problem. It just like they don’t announce the combo and for something like pro league there’s no big deal when we don’t know the combo to participate. It’s challenge!

No fails is only from ones who dnt works


can you find posts where im posted VL problems? And asked to fix?

Of course this one is not a Big problem…but . laast tiome I think everyone has noticwed


Come on…u must be joking. I understand that something goes wrong sometimes but last time in this game EVERYTHING goes wrong . @Maerique has post already 7 pages of problems here…Every change last time it is a fail…problems with pro rewards which are not activated after end of pro-league but I see this boost already active in other alliances even before end of the league.   LOL.  Commercials are not working… Game is constantly crashing since week and they can not find solution…etc…etc. So please @Cromka1 do not defend Flaregames…As u said also world is made on money so if they wan to earn money they should hire developers with KNOW-HOW because obviously Developers who are siting there ATM have no fckn clue what they are doing there…How may fails we should accept more?? I know some people here who are also working as a Developers and they all laughing already that after so much fails they will be already workless :lol: So I’m not crying …I want simple play this game…but my frustrations with Flare still raising…and I think i’m not he only one here…

Why you play this game? Have no idea 


really there are some problems in game, but not criticals.

commercials working, just use good platform, not tgis useless Windows


Btw- really, i have no idea why you always angry and still play this game.

are you masochist???

It doesn’t matter at all. Just hope FG will not try to end current PL to ‘fix’ their mistake and won’t start adding extra 12 min or anything :grinning: