Pro pro cup " bugs " unforgivable

i as usually joined this week pro league , and i insta regret it why ? 

  1. the defense archers are just dropping from the sky the will even spawn near the tent i have a screenshot of an archer spawning outside the path and my archers couldn’t kill him i used 2 time blizzard to get him lost time alot of time and this bug was all the way to island 12 

  2. jester box , at one point i ran ahead of my troops and when i came back for phoebe to heal them a jester box pop up i ran on that path 3 times why when my units are close ? why soooooooo delayed ? this is not random i guess 

  3. HS out of 20 use or so 1 will not do nothing it will show the effects without dealing dmg  

this is my conclusion for this pro pro cup , is unfair some players got bugs and some not , flare prove me wrong 

This topic should go to “Bugs and Problems” section.

The jesterbox bug is something I’ve seen in normal/war raids as well. Running over a tile does nothing at first, but running back over it suddenly triggers a jesterbox.

bugs and problem ? the section that no one pay attention to ?  no thanks this is not a normal bug this made me lose  some crystal and  pro chests 

I think that has never happened to me before, but I think that’s the reason why they removed Jester Boxes from the ninja event.

i can confirm, often happens together with TC spell i have the feeling