Pro Pro Cup PL tiers need rebalancing

The pro league tiers have always been rather controversial since they were introduced, but this pro league’s tiers are incredibly unfair. At the time of writing, only one person has achieved the top tier (1900+) and whether this is a genuine score or not remains questionable. The second highest score is in the 3rd tier, which shouldn’t be the case. These tiers seems to be the same as last pro league’s tiers, which was miles easier to complete. Of course, this is only the first day but I am sure they need to be readjusted @GalaMorgane since this pro league is rather difficult and the whole purpose of pro tiers is to ensure fairness, which seems to have had the opposite effect.

Even FTB only got 1,806 

This just shows how the pro-league tiers aren’t balanced at all.

They just keep using close values from week to week.


Apparently tiers are based on how big of a cheat you are.

They did nothing about the last one, same mistake again for this one. Flothaboss got a score of 1,728 and so far the top tier is 1,900? Absolutely ridiculous, especially as only one person has got that far at the moment? When will you ever respond to us? @GalaMorgane

with max forge with skills 1650+  is normal but reaching 1900 show us those replay sure cheater