Pro Rewards Tiers

Hi guys…i have just one question about Pro Leagues:

What is the difference between Pro-Rewards based on players ranking and pro rewards based on “tiers” ranking, if FG changes tiers as many times as seen some players get over the score they planned?

I can understand ONE adjustment of the tiers, as FG understand that new features (pals, spells, boosts ecc) change the difficulties of some PLs, but what the sense of change tiers after start, and then change and change them again as you see more players go up?

Well, if you what to come back to the ranking-based rewards you have just to say, but SAY it so we can know with precision. Thx


They said that the new system adapts to the players score…It adapts itself.
It is made so that the best get the most rewards and not everybody.
It was disclosed a few weeks before.

Pro-League Score Scaling Change :slight_smile: