Pro shop update!!!!

Looks like it will never happen…weeks are passing by… So is diff pro leagues… But pro shop is same for 7 weeks… Why not change pro shop every month at least if u can’t do it every week for a reason  -_-.

That is seriously a dumb idea to keep eris in shop and make one time offer with Tammy  with an unbelievable price  :angry: . U guys are making this game more like pay to win game which is really tough for many players to afford and also its really shifting the interest of many players to other games  :grinning: . From ur point of view u guys wanna make money and that too in a faster rate… But that is not good if u are thinking of long term  :wacko:

If it changes, it will be at the start of a pro league, not at the end of it.

Wait till tomorrow…

The Pro-Shop will be updated with the next Pro-Cup (tomorrow). More information will be posted in the Official Announcements section of the forum later today :slight_smile: