pro shop will remain like last week

pro shop 7 8 weeks same item stop please change now

No problem. This way everyone has enough time to buy at least 1 Phoebe, Ceres, Eris, or buy more copies of them to donate, and to buy every pro item in the store.

I know that some people already have everything in the shop and are not interested in buying anything else in there (not even some Phoebes to donate to their alliance), but a lot of people still need to buy a few things.


To be honest I’m kind of surprised that Flare has been so willing to keep the pals in there for such a long time. I guess that’s why a lot of alliances have unlocked the Phoebe beast already.

Well there are no other pro pals so obviously they could remain the same. Eris was already there before they changed it. But they could at least rotate the items. All the items are rather cheap and you can afford them fast dont need many months for that lol… 

Think logical 

if you change the items like cape armor enough

well i hope they will let Ceres there caus i didnt manage to accumulate 25000… im at 20000 so plz let him there

I think best way to let all 3 pro pals to stay.

and change only items


VL try make level 3 phoebe) we need pro pals in shop

7-8 weeks is the proper amount for players who don’t pay gems to get into Pro Leagues. You can get at least half the items with that, and perhaps maybe a pal (if you do good)

The rewards need to change on a regular basis to build excitement among players. You get free advertising from players that share what the rewards are among other players. 

Be strategic and entice players by changing them more frequently which in return will profit you. We all know you have high margin rates - so just do it and make players happy in the process.

Its not rocket science. :heart::v:?

are you sure?

just look at the people that keep posting to change pro shop more often that cant understand the reason it cannot change so often.

pro shop should have every 1 week just random pro items and maintaining always the 3 pro pals at the right.

it would motivate more players to use their crystals i guess?

Even if it was after every pro month it would be great… 

Yes, I’m sure and understand why it’s not changed more often. 

It’s just business. Try to do what’s right for your customer. That’s all I’m saying.

I have a few web developer friends that have told me how much work goes into what they do. Understand that Flare has a lot going on. This is a common request from players - so let’s get it done. 

:heart:?:v:? @Fourofjacks

changing often doesn’t necessarily create urgency to buy, if you know it’ll keep changing and something better might come up why spend now? On the other hand if something looks good, and once its gone you might never see it in the shop again…

confused sounds about right. there are many players for example outside top 500 and if they only use free tickets. they might get 3k crystals each month. So after two months they might be able to get the cheapest item in the pro shop.

now think logically and consider how many more players there might be that only play with the free ticket and cannot get a high rank, compared to how many that score consistently top 100 and are able to buy everything in the shop.

Maybe there does not have to be more change, just more variety?

Keep all the pals and make the Pro Shop bigger. Especially since it seems more difficult to find items in chests.

Why not offer all possible/previous items in the shop? Free players have a chance to  get what they want and frequent PL players would have an incentive to keep on playing…

Think logically is something you should do… pro league see the word pro? Does it indicate that every player in the world should have everything before it rotates? Nah those who do well gets it… It’s not ninja league wake up lol 


I think it is fair to give all players a chance to get the item they want and that fits their gear. If items are attractive enough you will always want another one. If „Pros“ (like in your definition) can get more, that is fine too…

I do believe it should change, but not every week. That’s to quick. The average player *pauses typing to attack an island in ninja event* earns 3-4k crystals per pro league, maybe even 2k crystals. An average player also doesn’t waste gems on a pro ticket (very wise). They may get to attack in 2 per month, depending on the alliance they are in. Changing every month is a great idea. You can get the item you want and see all new items next time!

Really changing every week makes far more sense…

That way with 5 sets it comes up once a month so waiting is  not too long,

Monthly well that’s 5 months for an item? lol really?

Actually I would like to see a far larger selection of gear… There is no advantage you cannot buy the gear with gems so just have 10 gear items for sale or more?

So more items to buy and quick rotate means in a very short time you can get the item you want. 


Really they need to stop the BS chance shyt here …. the crystals are earnt and the gear for sale ….


Hmm… i tried following your logic about pro’s and pro-league. But then I thought about diamond league, and i couldn’t work out how a diamond could play RR2.

And i dont know how you came to the conclusion that i think every player in the world should have everything, from my example that many players could take months to even get 1 item.

Besides if you are ‘pro’ enough you probably have every pro item free from winning all those chests right?  :rolleyes:

Don’t know how often it should change, but for sure there what ever is decided not every will be happy.

Really, really hoping the pro-shop is gonna change Friday.  It’s been static since December 1, 2017.  That’s nine or ten pro-leagues, enough time to collect crystals to get much of anything in the pro-shop.