Pro shop without pro items

What is happend with pro shop?

you do not buy anything from granny, so granny change your pro items from her item… You have to buy something from her to fix this :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Those are really good prices. Buy that.




Looking at the values corresponding to crystal values it might be a visual bug. 

I would not risk spending those for it in the end.  :rolleyes:

Hello there,

Thanks for reporting this issue. This is a display bug that we have going on. Buying the set actually awards the pro items, and pro crystals are deducted, not gold.

I will add it to the known issues we are working on, on the Patch Note.

Thank you and have a great day :slight_smile:


For that amount of gold I would buy the complete set multiple times :wink:

@GalaMorgane a bit of a departure from the topic. when does the current league end? it shows me 4 days

@Invizzzible - You are actually correct. As mentioned on the Patch Note, Pro-Leagues will now run from Friday 9.00 UTC until Tuesday 12.00 UTC. Late-Joiner period ends Monday 18.00 UTC.

I will now update the Pro-League announcement. I’m sorry about the confusion this may have caused and thank you for picking it up :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


Patch notes??? Where??? :angry:

Wait a minute! @GalaMorgane

Apart from this being OT in this thread (you would have to delete yousself for following your own rules). This is not good.

You change the Patchnotes and we have no possibility to spot that. (does not say it was edited) Actually I think you also changed the announcement. I checked half an hour ago and I could swear it said it was running till Thursday not Tuesday.

This is not the way things should be done.

I still have no idea. Do we get more Pro Leagues? Or are they just shorter? And if yes, why?
Already having difficulties playing them till Tuesday, especially when a war is going on!

That’s special function for Administrator. They can manipulating it without being notice. Don’t you remember what happen to Nikko post a long time ago? When he manipulating time on his post.

Yes, I do.
If there are additions there should be a new post added below.

Or are we supposed to regularly check for changes? If you really want to inform community and not just put up a show, you got to do this right.
This is a major change it must be communicated in the right way.

As I mentioned :

Yes, you did in a thread about the pro shop.

I made another post earlier where I originally said the announced running time is till Thursday (and it was). I had to change that to not look like I could not read.

Changes should be communitcted in a different way. Right now, (also with some things you do not like being OT and others not) it feels like this Forum is manipulated to your liking.
You got to respect posts. At least add this Info in a way everybody can see it. The changenotes went around our discords yesterday, so old news. RRS aggregators already pulled the articles and distributed it.

If you found out today that PL will be 4 days from now on, make a new announcement!

@GalaMorgane, There is also another problem when you just change an existing announcement: I as well as 264 others are following the “Official Announcements” forum as you can see. We get an e-mail when new content is created, but no e-mail when you just change existing content! In my inbox I still have the announcement with the old dates, and don’t get a new one. Please, in such cases, delete the post and create a new one! That way everybody including the followers get updated information. 

I would say, respond on that post, so that we get at least a notification.

@GalaMorgane I tend to agree there: Respond with a new post to make sure people get notified and/or can see “ah, there’s been something new in that topic!” when manually checking the respective subforum for unread content.

If you want to maintain one post with an all-encompassing list with the current state of things, then at least make a new post saying “btw, update to the original post!”, and include some hints in that original post that makes it clear it was edited. e.g. writing "#Edit: " before the edits, or possibly entering sth for “reason to edit post” (post edit might show when a reason was entered, I think? would need to be tested), or by crossing out the original text and writing the updated version next to it.

Otherwise, with admin edits not showing by default, people will have no way to tell a post was edited, and will thus not know about it, be confused and possibly angry, shouting “manipulation!”, even if you had no bad intent when editing a post.

Mentioning an intention of editing an (announcement) post in some other topic in general discussion or elsewhere is a nice bit of communication if issues with the announcement are discussed there, but that alone is not enough imho, as not everyone can follow all topics and then be aware of cross-topic hints about intended edits. Moreover, just saying “I will edit post XY elsewhere” obviously is no guarantee for that edit to actually happen (sth else could get in the way, delaying or preventing that edit), and with the admin edits not being shown, people will wonder again.

Regarding this discussion being offtopic in here, one could either split the topic or edit its title, e.g. to “Pro League issues after update: Shop without items and shorter duration”. Or just turn a blind eye to it in this case.

Volevo acquistare articolo pro,ma nel negozio non l’ho trovato più

È un errore di visualizzazione. Gli oggetti pro sono ancora lì e puoi prenderlo se ricordi la posizione… 


Just translating.