Pro shop without pro items

Negozio  pro cambia ogni 5 min. Per favore sistemate bug

Very true. Sadly adding a new post to an existing topic also will not trigger new emails or RSS notifications.

 @Archimedes sometimes adds something to old threads which are hard to detect without manually looking it up.

For more important news, I would suggest creating a new topic in the announcements section. For smaller changes it might be okay, though.


For such cases, maybe the forum configuration could be adjusted in some way, so that people get RSS notifications etc for new replies to existing announcement topics? Obviously, I am not an expert for that, and it may or may not work, but possibly worth taking a look into. Or maybe someone else knows more on that subject and can simply tell me that suggestion cannot work and is utter rubbish :wink:

I am a bit confused - where the heck did all the Pro items from Pro Shop disappear? Why are you forcing us to buy some lame ‘Granny Set’ item, that mostly nobody needs, in order to make the Pro Items re-appear in their slot, that is EVEN IF I understood you correctly?

Fix this mess and replace the crappy Granny Set items with pro items, please.

just a visual bug, there are still pro items.

Clearly, @Archimedes did not read this thread as he added the Alliance Party post under an old topic, again not triggering notifications or RSS changes with that.

You can argue we have the in-game notificatons now. But still if these announcements were made in the forum (which is appreciated) they should be done in a way as many people as possible can benefit from them.

So, next time @Archimedes, please create a new topic for announcements like your colleagues do!

If the content are same I think it’s better to post it under the original topic. There’s no need to create new same topic again and again. That’s how the forum will be more organized and we as forum user can search and track everything easier.

Maybe. But you have to search manually. If a new topic is created, notifications will work.

@Heroesflorianalready asked the question if it is possible to change forum settings for this. @GalaMorgane , as you are reading this and seem to be in favor of keeping it organized, would that be something that is possible to set up for announcements section?

Visual bug in Pro items. Flare have fix the visal bug in Blacksmith? or they accumulate the visual bug :lol: