PRO shop

How long current items from pro shop will stay in there??

The pro shop changes every two months. It will change again pretty soon.

Pro Shop should change next week. The last Pro Shop update was on June 1st, and since there’s no update this week, I think it’s fair to predict that it will change next week :slight_smile:  

thanks for replies, now i know its time to do some shopping.

It should be stated somewhere in the faq that pro shop items are changed every each  2 season, or just add timer to pro shop?

The last Pro Shop update was on 27 Jul, That was no advance announcement that time ?

There will probably never be another Pro Shop change after the previous update. For one thing, we now have all the Pro Sets in the store, so if we’re gonna get a Pro Shop update, it’d be with a new pro pal or pro set

This is how it will be for the foreseeable feature now. Correct.

Than what about skull bonus on pro weapon and gloves,kindly give update on it.

There never was any pro-item with a default skull perk on it.

That’s what,I am asking for if there is pre-set skull bonus on weapon and gloves(uber),than why bot on pro items.

I must admit.  I love the way all sets are available.  Thx flare.

Thanks for letting us know Vinnypooh.

Madlen,HOW about reply to me also,regarding skull bonus on pro items.

I think you should create a post to suggest that (on “Ideas & feature requests” forum section).

Since Madlen probably doesn’t know that and you already know it currently doesn’t exist


are they gonna add a new pro pal soon ? 

a pro kaiser? with full map sonic blast? LOL

With 100% gold protection!

U kidding?

No, and I`m still waiting for my “No-Bug”-Aura Ring.