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I must say it will be worth the wait  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Orko,

I am sorry you seem to experience trouble here. I have just checked with our testers and we are not aware of the aura ring having a bug. However I also only had a limited description of the problem now :grinning:

Hehe, I was thinking of some issues the game had before you joined the team. These days there the game crashed after a few secs every fight. So we were asking for something to prevent crashes and the idea of the No-Bug Aura came up. Wearing this, prevents the game from crashes.  :wink:

But I appreciate your response. 

I have such one…


Madlen and bigfastfox, very funny, but you must remember to…


keep it safe, toss it into a lake of fire and watch it burn.

whats the difference.

how about a little tease if there is any new pro pal pro set coming out  soon ?