What kind of sense has pro-shop if items never changes?? Last time, 5 weeks ago, they changed HALF pro shop, there’s some items that are there by over 2 months.

How should we spend cristals? Tickets costs a lot of gems, at least update pro shop

I’m leaning towards the 3x pro chest offer. It seems the most reasonable option (I ain’t buying pals, and apart from omega ring I don’t think I want any pro gear all that badly).

What make Omega Ring interesting to you? The aura is non-disminishing like Diamond Ring (Heal aura)? Or the SB perk itself?

IMO, SB is very strong in current meta game, to counter trap base. But if trap base is no longer (they are talking about fixing it), then FS and Blizz are much more useful against traditional base.

Depends how you raid, I cant raid without sonic blast and so the ring is very good for me

Back to topic, they need to refresh it every months and change the ubers as well (include rare uber like the new speed+scream sword) and make phoebe available as well…but we know they not gonna do this, dunno why but they love making it hard for their players…

I did exactly that yesterday. I got three pro item in it, one of them was the omega ring. I will probably melt the other two eventually. There are not much pro item that I would like anyway.

Damn!!! Change this f***ing items!!! Why should we play pro league and earn cristals? Io got 60000 cristal to do what?!?!?!?!?!?!?

They are bankrupt, there is no money left to buy new pro-items. They are just selling the last few items they have in stock.

You`ll see “sold out” labels at some items in the near future in the shop.