Pro ticket

When do you arrange transfer pro tickets? I and many in my legion can not share tickets with the team, which leads to a low level of proo-boost



Hi Invizzzible,

Thank you for your question. Please do not tag me in posts, I spend almost 8 hours on here :wink:

As for the question:

Currently, pro-tickets sharing is disabled as stated in the last patch notes. With the new upcoming version (4.1) we plan to re-activate the function again with some changes. More details will be announced later.

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You didn’t even answer the question Madlen. We are already aware that it will be enabled in next version. But the question is when is the next update coming? Any exact date? Please tell us.

I have players that owe me tickets? I loaned them tickets and they were suppose to return ones to me when they got their monthly free ticket? 

When will they be able to repay me for my generosity?

I guess you’ll just have to patiently wait, like all of us.

I bet version 4.1.0 still needs at least 1-2 months.

They’re working on lots of stuff after all (conquest, ninjas, pro-tickets…)

My bet is only bought tickets will be shareable :grinning:


You are right. They want to kick free players out of the game. So its possible that tbey might have a plan for that. If a player creates 4 accounts and plays pro for free, they want to stop that. One way that you told us. I believe they also have something else in their mind too. Maybe a player cannot donate pro ticket twice to a certain player. This also makes things easier for them

@Rizwan007, I think it’s possible that the 4.1 update will come out this week, before the Conquest, since that update will be focused around some fundamental changes to the Conquest mode

Hope so

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