Pro Tickets & Donates

Hello Flare Games; @Madlen

So far, as technical and corporate policies you have made, I have taken an optimistic attitude by taking your mistakes into consideration. 

I empathize to understand your company employees and software developers.

What I want to understand is, why don’t you take into consideration the demands of the players, of us?

If you don’t take into account the demands, many super players will abandon the game. I’ve witnessed this many times.

Although there are many mistakes in pro league activity, we have helped you and you have eliminated the mistakes. 

I want you to reactivate the transfer or donation of Pro League tickets. In addition, Pro League ticket prices are very expensive and many players can not afford it. Ticket prices should be reduced immediately. 

I hope you will consider this text.

Not. For your support, type +1 answer.



Sure, the prices are high, but be happy you don’t actually have to buy them with real money. Games like Candy Crush do not allow you to earn gold bars (which is the equivalent of gems in RR2) without paying with real money. So, while the prices are a little expensive, let’s be thankful we have the ability to buy them as free players. I would accept a change to the price, cause, I, for one, would never buy one ticket for 750 gems. I don’t mind whether they change the price or not  

I think they should find a way to punish only the abusers exploiting the donation system with multiple accounts, and not everyone who was playing by the rules ?

It was nice how players could donate their free tickets to other members when they didn’t have time or the will to play Pro League, or just to help the alliance get better Pro boosts 

transferring paid for tickets make sense to me. only to leader and only leader may transfer after a cool down period. too many cheats and too many exploits.

absolutely no on transfer of free tickets. free tickets are gift from game to you for you and only you as far as im concerned.


would kindly appreciate the ninja/war rotation every other week to return. was more than able to generate enough gems every week to play pro with this rotation coupled with other in game resources. had plenty of pearls as well.

it has been a struggle for weeks to get into pro and forge properly without that proper rotation. this was a large part of my game.


and before it happens, spare me the its so grand at the top its boring with mundane wars and ninja jive and your psycho babble reasoning why your ideas of how to wreck the game for everyone not level 130/ 4000+ trophies, but caters to your fickle style of play bs. you know who you are.

As a result, I think the Pro League ticket system should be the  as before for the players to actively participate.

Absolutely against this. Tickets can still be transfered. Just that only bought ones could be transfered.

Honestly, to me, it seems that you were one of those that abused the donation System and are now unwilling to buy them. Sorry if i am wrong, but it just seems to be the case. Tickets were given as a gift. To be used not to be abused.

You can use tapjoy to get free gems, or occasionally get them in chests. 


Nah. Tickets were too scarce and too expensive since day 1, they haven’t changed anything then and I doubt they will now. There are several issues with pro league but ticket donation isn’t one of them.

+1. I absolutely support this. This restriction very much hurts small alliances with free players. I just counted in our alliance we have 15% that did never play pro league (no hollow crown). And these are no double accounts for tickets, these are all players that participate in wars, ninjas, etc. They are just not interested in this pro league. Regardless if you think that this is smart or not, it is so. Just check the player list yourself, like in trophy range 3000 or 3500, and count those without any, even a hollow crown. There are many, even 5 star players, and in that trophy range I’m pretty sure that these are not just double accounts for ticket farming.

I think Flaregames should find other means to restrict ticket transfer (e.g., long cooldown, activity, etc, but not based on paying), if they really believe it is necessary. Since pro-boosts are alliance earned, all tickets including free tickets should be shareable in the alliance.


In Candy Crush Soda Saga (the one I’m familiar with), you can earn gold bars for free, of course. That’s all I ever did.



You don’t have to play pro league every Week. Since it’s introduction I have only participated in 9 leagues so far. Because I don’t buy any and I never ask for them. I wait 4 months and earn 4 Tickets to play in one whole season to actually benefit more from monthly. And if your alliance doesn’t have many pro league players it’s best to only concentrate on one boost to Go for then. 

It was enough for me to get most of the gear I wanted and ceres.


Thanks for the comment. You know that tower and soldiers need to be strengthened with pearls even at the latest level.  We can get more pearls in pro league battles. That’s why pro league is important. But some of your players are not able to buy tickets.  I think you should think about that.


I Think you misunderstood me. I said I don’t buy pro Tickets. Pro league is going on for more than a year now IIRC. Which means 52+ pro leagues so far. And I have only been playing 9 of them.

And if an alliance can’t afford to play every pro league for the boosts, only play in leagues with the boosts you want e.g. fallen paladins or heal tower etc.

As for pearls, we have Ninja, war chests, daily chests, free chests, luck gear to get all the pearls from the blacksmith. Key point is to never ever sell gear. Always Melt it down and you should have enough.

Using pro league as a Source of pearl income is imho a waste of a Ticket. You had better hope for crystals and gear and more Tickets instead of pal food or pearls.

Not everyone benefiting from this were abusers of the donation system. 

In my case, for example, I’m usually between the ~5 best scores on my allince, and after reaching top 10 once, I started receiving tickets for every league ?.
And now, after many and many leagues, I didn’t have a ticket to participate, because members can’t no longer help each other, or help the alliance get a higher boost lvl without spending their gems.

And BTW, Pro league became my main source of pearls since the new event schedule, and that’s probably the main reason why I want to participate on Pro leagues lately. I already have the items and pals that I want, and for me the only use left for crystals would be to buy Nemesis (?).


In the new conquest mode you get so many pearls. The pearl chests That i get contain a little over 2000 Pearls each. And I get 4 or 5 of those. By no means is it a good replacement for any event, but it’s not like we have less options to get pearls now. Just the frequency is getting lower. But that is something people have to live with as many complaint about the frequency of events which made this game a chore or duty rather than a game. Now that the events aren’t on a weekly schedule anymore people complain about lack of pearls.

Honestly, I think this one is on us this time. Best option now is to alternate between conquest mode, war, ninja.


War -> Ninja -> War -> Conquest -> Repeat

this way at least War boosts are on the same schedule as it was before. And Pearl income is also ok. With all the other options added on top it should be alright to get your pearls.

I am happy that they have stopped the free ticket donations because mostly all the players were using that system in a bad way… they were creating multiple accounts and donating the tickets to their main account.

Even I raise this questions earlier as well but at that time everyone was against me so I too stopped buying tickets and started using the same ways as others were using but now am happy that it is even for everyone.

This is also to add here that I have decided not to spend a single penny in the game from now as you never know when Flare change the stats of your units and spells without giving a notice.

Hello Exciled and others,

Thank you all for the feedback.

But at the moment we do not plan to further change prices or the way ticket donations work for the pro-shop. 


Hello @Madlen
I just want all you to put yourself in our and think about it. Something goes wrong here, and all you know it.  


I wonder what Jesus would say to you about this wrong.


Flare always wants more more and more money that’s  why they closed donation pro tickes… everyone knows that. I mean at least open donation pro tickes this is too much for us. we don’t find the money on the way. We can’t  enjoy rr2 anymore because It’s all about money… We give thousands of diamonds to each of the towers for conquest battles. You want us to deposit all our salary? :))