pro tickets

i believe the gem cost of the pro tickets must be reduced… For low lever players its hard. Just support me and let’s reduce it

I support you!

Maybe they can hold a weekly event about pro league in the future? including ticket discount?

dont bother with the ■■■■■■ pro league, it was only good when it launched, currently its full of multiple account users

Obviously , its too high even for mid level players who don’t spend money to buy gems. It should be like 100/150 so there is more competitive monthly pro leaderboard as only some players fight four times in a month. But i don’t think that greedy flare will reduce gem cost for pro tickets.

It is a  Pro  League after all so no need for everyone to participate, also it’s a good restriction as low level players would spend all their gems on pro leagues and get nothing in return as they won’t achieve a good rank and pro gears are useless at their levels. Kind of overpriced but looking at it now, it’s fine, you get 5 at 2,800 which 560 per ticket.

Flare make even deals that are cheaper than their pro league subscription.  They offered me 3 pro league tickets, 1000 gems and 5 pals for 9,89€. Pro league subscription for only tickets are more expensive

I have seen a level 76 player get in the top 5 in a Pro League…oh, and as I’m writing this post I think to myself, “It is most likely that he has two accounts”

if low level then dont bother playing pro league…not until you can donate 1mil and unlock 8 BS slots

Don’t forget there’s player level 100+ who doesn’t have that criteria just because s/he is a free player. ?

then player better/harder/smarter or just hack them game and get ban lol

Yeah there tons to do if you havent upgraded everything yet… Pro league is ok but the blacksmith and ally tower first.

The easiest way is daily gems and buy 3 tickets a month for 1800 

I think price is fine, it’s indeed that we need to save gems for other goals first (AT, BS max) and after that have enough gems to buy those pro tickets. I don’t get enough gems to spend those gems all the time, but that’s more due to a personal decision. 

I could spend more time and get more gems from leagues, but for me time for family is more important. That’s a personal decision. Could also invest 3 euro per month to get enough gems to play pro league by the daily gem chest, but till now it’s my personal choice not to do this. Every choice has influence and in my case it’s that I play only with free tickets so far. 

Fair enough for me, I can influence this easily by spending a lousy 3 euros per month, it’s my decision not to do so. So I agree, it’s fine that price. With those gems you get already enough for 2 extra tickets, the gems inside ninja plus war chests should be enough to play every pro league and since you end higher on the monthly ranking, there is a chance that you will get even more gems as compensation. That little cash means a lot for flare, when a lot players would spend it, they can’t live from air only.

And by saving gems and buying the 5 pack, it will even be cheaper. Buy it only when you have the gems for the largest pack. The 3 euro pack will be enough I guess if you play it smart.

As a free player level 100+ you can easily have 8 bs slots and 1000k at.
You only have to be smart aka not wasting gems :grinning:  And it takes some
time, maybe around 1 year is possible (i took longer, but i bought loads
of inventory slots and workers, too).

Are you really true free player who hadn’t spent any money in this game before?

Yes :slight_smile:

You must be a super hardworking one.

How much gems you get per month now?

Being “truly a free” player doesn’t mean a lot. You could have spent gems in the past and for example waste them all on scrolls or spend them all for extra donations in the alliance, the fact someone bought some gems, doesn’t mean he gained some kind of advantage from them. All that matters is how you spend your gems (whether free or bought ones). You can be a successfull free player who achieved everything, same like you can be a playing player who has still a long way to go.

By the way, there is similar discussion going in a thread in Suggestion section. I will copy my opinion from there:

The most important question here is whether it is feasible even for a free player to collect 1680-2250 gems (depending how you buy tickets), and the answer is yes (in my opinion).  For some players it will  be harder to achieve, for some easier. Those who cannot achieve it, cannot do it not because it is impossible but because they didn’t do enough to get them.

Though, what players do with those gems it is completely up to them, maybe some like to waste them on granny items, on scrolling, buying pal chests or whatever. It doesn’t matter. The most important is the fact: yes, it is possible to gather enough gems to enter a pro league every single time. Whether you do it and neglect other gem costing things is up to you.

I personally don’t donate gems to my alliance or never buy uber/pal chests - simply because   I spend all my gems on pro tickets and cannot afford doing anything more. Should it be a reason for me to say “hey FG, I cannot afford spending regularly my gems on this, that and that, you need to reduce its cost” ? I don’t think so. It is my choice what to do with my limited gems and what I prioritize the most.


For those who are interested, here’s a link to that discussion (maybe even should be merged ?):


It means a lot by the way. ?

And the one who bought gems really have more advantage than those true free player. ?

The rest I agree with your opinion.

I can agree but it all depends how we look at it and what we understand from it. As I mentioned above, I can buy gems but spend them all for extra donations, in this case I do get completely zero advantage compared to a free player. Also, if someone bought smallest gem pack 3 years ago and doesn’t suit to a “free player” definition, also doesn’t make a huge difference. Of course, there are players who spend a lot and use those gems to boost themselves, then of course they are in better position compared to a free player, I agree. Though, it is only the matter of time, free player can be the same strength as paying players, it will just take more time and effort.



If someone said it doesn’t mean a lot or by buying gems not give them advantages then his pov is not extensive. S/he only focus on some point and can’t look at the whole picture. Just look at the ratio who can and who can’t; look at the ratio who has and who hasn’t then s/he can draw a conclusion with general mind. ?

By the way how much gems you get per month now?