Pro Tier Reward

Pro tier rewards are different from normal weekly pro leader board rewards right.

I got only pro tier rewards…Where is leaderboard rewards ??

i think we got only leader board rewards,not the pro tier reward,thats y i asked,are they different or same.

It is same thing

Yeah, leaderboard rewards are in other words tier rewards. You got them, all is fine.

I get only 2 chest ,and i need to get 4 …:frowning:

If you were in a reward tier with 4 chests than tile a complaint. If not then it probably is right. Tier reward and ranking rewards are the same you do not get them both.

Pro tier leaderboard just shows you what you get of rewards between x and x amount of points. You get only what you see in your pro tier. What you see in the leaderboard is the same of the pro tier leaderboard. They aren’t summed.

This is a funny joke realy …

Bexause you can make a higher score in the tier and place in the maximum tier … but in the leaderscore you can be place in the 10 place …and get little rewards… where are the diference ?

the new system just look at your pro score, not your position. It’s definitely better because even if you get placed 200th but your score is 1500 pro-points for example you get a good reward anyway. Instead before the system was based on your pro league position, where players could beat you with 1 point more than you and you could even lose a big reward.

I’m still in my opinion: I prefer ranking system and, in addition, only the best player deserves 10 pro chests.

I agree that the best player deserves 10 pro chests.

But the problem is that the way things are today, the one getting 10 pro chests will not be the best player. It will be the best multi account user.

That’s a big problem with the system and that’s why I’m against such high rewards.

I know with multiaccounts who cant get even top 100

if you have multiaccounts its absolutly dnt mean you are will automatically will be in top

That happens, sure.

But you also know people with multi accounts who always get top10. Everybody knows them, they’re always in the top10.

ps: I wouldn’t even be surprised if MOST of the top100 are multis.

Any proof? 

Or you just say this to satisfy your ego? ?

No proof other than talking to a few of them. It’s just not possible to make it to the top50 every week fairly, let alone top5-10-20.

I get why people do it. They want to get the most out of the pro league.

But Flare should do more to prevent this. Or at least change the reward system in a way that won’t “encourage” multi account using.

For instance, awarding 50k gems for the monthly top1 is literaly asking for people to not play fair.

What more proof you need? Just take screenshots and report them!