Probability of Finding Each Unique Item

Is the probability of finding a unique item the same for each item or are some items weighted so they come up less often?

Hi tjgarland,

the only one which is slightly rarer is the apple of discord.

Hope this helps!

One of my team mate has 5 apples … RNG please ?

I have four Achilles’s unique armor and three Arinande unique boot, three Odysseus bow ,two Achilles’s uniqie shield ,two namean claw,two nemsis,two dragon scale.

Please @Madlen it is a request do something about duplicate unique items ???

If you read the october dev answers, they said that they would like to do something about this. I don’t know how many times you can make the same complaint and expect anyone to still pay attention to you. They heard it, it’s something they are working on.

You can always curse any duplicates you get…

What’s RNG?

Random-number generator

Thanks for confirming what I thought long time ago but never got the answer:

But I thought the Cyclopean Bow would be rarer than the other Uniques (except the Apple), as Artemis only has one.

What do you think I am doing bro???.

If I curse one duplicate I get another from the cursed titan chest LoL ( truly these chests are cursed in reality)



better use the term PRNG (Pseudo-Random-Number-Generator) for the usage in the game - i don’t think they are using (can use) true random number generator… sadly some of the PRNG are not so good…