Problem Alliance

my IGN : VN-Sinh Viên Nghèo . I’m old leader alliance Việt Nam . Current leaders moved to IGN : nam vuong9x .But by incidents of recent gems bug  IGN : nam vuong9x have banned.
So my current alliance has lost a leader to maintain the alliance .We wish FG solve problems helps us .Thank so much !
VN-Sinh Viên Nghèo


Once the leader turns inactive, the leadership is automatically transferred to a general.

For this, the player should not connect during 7 days at least, nor try to connect in this case :grinning:

but existing players still in the game but could not connect. That would affect the account inactive. Please help our intervention !

The problem is that, even the account get banned, when there are someone trying to connect game with this account, it shows that the account is online, but in fact, they can’t log in. So the account can’t vbe inactive.

Exactly ! thanks to support .