Problem conquest mode

The event is now over, and the boosts are on but the chests are not given. Why that. ? Is somebody having the same trouble like me? Damn!!!

Two players so far in our alliance got boosts but no chests

We didnt get boosts… some got chests

Nothing here yet…

Neither I nor members of my alliance have received reward chest.

Instead of flare, I ask them to distribute them as soon as possible as they are asked every other minute. :slightly_frowning_face:


То же не получил сундуки после окончания войны :grinning:

did not receive the chests after the end of the war :slight_smile:  Mr Drag0

Several members of my alliance including me never received chests too !

We look forward to them soon !

me tooo☹️

Some of ally members get chests .i did not receivr chests n boosts. Ign:sri888

The same here. My general ‘dubeyji’ didn’t got any chest. We had rank 1. Ally name: INDIA ONE ALLIANCE.

After the conquest ended we did not receive any rewards no chests and no boosts(i heard that some players got the chests but i did not).

alliance name : DeathDealez1

character name : Sara Qeen92

Same here?

Same for me, i don’t have my chests 


No event Rewards

Pay the reward immediately.

It is the same for me, I didn’t get the chests :frowning:



I did not receive the rewards baus from the new event only aids were won and some members of the alliance won ???


harryPL also did not get awards 

alliance Czarne Demony 

Conquest mode did not award bad prize

I did not receive the chests.

IGN: DuMax2

Yup, same here, yet another train wreck from flare.