Problem in my pro league

My IGN Issac Jackson in Royal Revolt 2

I participated in “pro pro cup” pro league today. It didn’t show my name in the I attached my screen shot of I scored 1552,but it didn’t show in the leaderboard list.please fix this issue

l have the same problem :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey @Issacj094

Thanks for getting in touch. It should be just a display glitch and you should still be in the scores, even though it’s not slowing. Could you please, get in touch with our Customer Support, they will be happy to help:

Besides that, did you notice the Chicken? They seem to be everywhere nowadays …

That chicken exists since day 1 with the introduction of Pro League

The ANGUILLA ELETTRICA alliance partecipated in the pro league we have made the hearling tower in place of the paladin please solve thanks