Problem in Pro League announcement

I felt that I should point this out, and since I can’t post on the Pro League announcement itself, I’m just making a topic about it. In the left side of the picture we see that the troops are the Ogre and the boosted Mummy, yet on the right we are given a boosted Knight and a boosted Mummy. So Madlen, please change this announcement to let us know which troop we will be using in the PL


as always the purple ones are the boosts that are active and on the blue card the units you can spawn yourself.

So not sure, if this is a spoiler, but I will put it as one just in case.


When the Mummy dies, it will spawn Blazing Knights. And they are boosted. ?


Oh well done ?

I cant believe this pro fight , so ridiculous , after ya get to 5 , its impossible to score anything , I may not be that good or they rigged it to cunsume your time , just beyond what many players can deal with . slow ogres and no backup , why? oh boosted knights that die as fast as they appear , thats good , thx.