problem in prolonging prestige bonuses

In inglish:

hi, before starting the current war I had little time for prestige bonuses, around 9 hours and they were not going to be enough to keep the 3 heroes in the war, so activate 7 days more bonuses.
the other day that the war began, he only had 2 hero to play the war.
I request that they solve this problem and reimburse me the gems that I have spent in vain

En español:

hola, antes de comenzar la guerra actual me quedaba poco tiempo de bonificacion de prestigio, alrededor de 9 horas y no iban a ser suficientes para mantener los 3 heroes en la guerra, entonces active 7 dias mas de bonificaciones.
al otro dia que comenzo la guerra solo tenia 2 heroe para jugar la guerra.
solicito que resuelvan ese problema y me reintegren las gemas que he gastado en vano

Buddy you should contact customer support for it and explain your issue to them.

They will help you 

However it is weekends and they don’t work on weekends.

Here is the link

Hi there,

please contact customer support:

Thank you!