Problem in Ships Raids

I Already said many times about ship raids… I am windows phone user and I feel very bad view problem in ship raids near the Gate…the problem is that when I reached near gate the camera view is totally changed…if I am on the left side near gate then it is impossible to go on right side …it is because of view problem. In island raids it’s not a problem because view is good in that case. So Please remove all ships or remove all the towers near the gate in ship raids. please make it as your first Ninja event. Where ogre was not attacking on the gate and the gate was doom. And please don’t increase the toughness because all raids are tough than your first Ninja Event


Thank you :slightly_frowning_face:

Please increase gold reward, i am not greedy, but hungry ^_^

Not only Windows

in Ios too


agree-change it please


Agree 100% doesn’t make any sense put that angle of camera…to make us look at what? to look at some spinning cogs or the ship at left? lol that view only makes the raid weird especially when there are towers near the gate, you feel a different perception of the distance.

To not talk about the chandeliers that squace in your face but this a tiny thing

Agree, you can’t see range troops. A weird angle. It feels as if the camera is set on the giant chandelier. Put an ogre on the chandelier and bring that camera down to have proper view.

I wrote this during the previous event and I am writing it now too, fix your damn camera angle on the ships. Is it less trickier to the eye to find the correct way out to the gate because of the deceiving path skins on the adjacent and zigzag paths that you have to give an awkward camera angle on the ships? 

I agree, that camera angle is a pain, it should be fixed.

I actually missed a tower on both the ships cause the Angle gets so weird; I hope this issue gets addressed;