problem spoils of war

hi my name game is STUCCHINO. I have a problem with this war. The war booty bar stands still at 15,000 points. He restarted me from 0 points. And even if I make points and in the screen appears to me the battle chest, then I go to check in the inventory of chests and there is nothing. What I do ?

This is happening to me also no spoils of war chests and war scores reset to zero twice already this war

Same here…no improvement after 15K…

Same in here. It is a known bug by @CaptainMorgan

same here but I read on the forum captain Morgan said that all the alliances will be compensated 




yes my victory points have also been reseted couple of times to 0 points from the start of this war and i have reached the first godlike at the very start of war

when i was spending all of the furys that i had at

the start of war,

and i also get the notification at the start of war that we had no oponents but when i clicked the war button in upper middle screen

it showed me the opponent and the war map.also fury recharges at abnormal speed say for 3 hours i got like 4 furys per hero and every time the victory points score are reseted to 0 you get to open the 1st blessed chest like you didnt spend no furys before for now i have opened my 3rd blessed chest in this war wich is the first chest you get after wining 2k victory points.there are many bugs here gentlemen and i wish you to fix them fast because the things aint right for quite some time now and me and i guess a lot of old players are starting to lose interest in game like i am and with all the new nerfs that are anounced most of us would have no real reason to continue playing.sorry folks but that is the reallity in this case and i think that you all know this to be a fact very well.good luck in solving this bunch of bugs 

2000 gems is nice, but what about my titan chests that I’m going to miss out on? and all the other chests?

hello, i am cesareaugusto and i have the same problem, i restart from zero, and i can’t see the scores of each single member of my aliance. How can i promote my Soldiers and my officer?