problem with 2.7.0

I can not play RR2 new update by Facebook or even can not play by facebook gameroom. now what to do tell me. It’s saying to update. but in facebok or facebook gameroom I could not found any update option.

Someone having this problem in the past. I don’t remember the topic somewhere in bug and problem I guess. I have do some test and find out the facebook game are related with windows game. If you cannot update your game via Facebook you can use Windows Store and update there if you have Windows 8.1 or 10

Same if your email are different don’t change anything. You can use a email for the PC and a different for Facebook. Go in Windows Store and search Royal Revolt 2 and download it. You have the choice after to play it via Metro or Facebook

I look the start button and seem to be Windows 7 if I am not wrong? in this case I don’t know sorry




It will take time, as per my experience. After a week or so it will start to run.


You will get the fb update today or tomorrow.

Same problem for me on iPad. Upon opening the game, it tells me there’s a new update and I have to click the link to the App Store. In the App Store, there is no update, so I click open, and it starts all over.  I can’t get into the game.


The Facebook update has been released. If you still cannot access the game from Facebook, just clear the cache of your web browser.

For iOS: go to the updates tab of the Appstore and update the app manually from there.

A friend had similar problem. Solution was to update the iOS version, then the RR2 update was in the store.