Problem with alliances

So many people are complaining about alliances and elite boosts, etc. I’m not sure where it is, but I remember seeing Royal Revolt answer somebody on Facebook that being in alliance is not essential (This was before the alliance update). That is no longer true. Elite boosts now result in a win or a loss; if you have them, you win; if you don’t, you lose. Does anybody else think that alliances are OP and _essential _to do well in the game, unlike Flaregames said before? I really think that somehow, alliances don’t fit in RR2…

It does appear that you really really do need elite boosts to be super competitive. It’s the same way you will never be in the top 10 or 1st without spending 100s of dollars possibly 1000s. But to actually just play the game you do not need them, You can have fun without an alliance, and without elite boosts.


That being said they do seem really really powerful. This is the 1st incarnation of them and they probably will get balance tweaks and changes in the upcoming patches. It is too early to say.

Yes, the question about it -not being essential- was asked, I asked it and they did say it wasn’t going to be essential to be part of an alliance in order to progress the game. There are people that seem to be progressing without being in an alliance. But speaking from experience of trying it, it is VERY difficult to progress and in fact it is frustrating.

There are some very nice things about being in alliances. You can learn and get tips from team mates, it is also nice being able to test team mates bases and learn from them with out any personal losses of money, gems etc… Not to mention them testing your own base and helping you to improve it.

But I don’t have time for an alliance. I refuse to open an app only to close it 2 minutes later. I open an app to play it, and if the app forces me to play it, I simply won’t play it. Because who, in college and actually studying, has time to play an app every day? I am afraid RR2 is not an app that fits me anymore, and I may have to quit depending on how busy this semester and the ones that follow are.

It’s nearly impossible to stay competitive in the game without being part of an active alliance. Elite boosts do make a significant advantage to both defense and attack strategies, and the gold boosts are more than generous, even for lower level alliances.  Have a look at the top 1000. You can barely find any active player that has no alliance yet, so yes belonging to one is more than essential to progress in the game. I’m sure that you can find an alliance that doesn’t require you to be always active MisterE. Maybe not a very competitive one but better than nothing. 

I remember that question + answer too and I have to agree, at least in the top few thousands and above, alliances are quite essential at the moment. Can’t really speak much about the situation in the lower ranks, but even there, a decent gold boost and an occasional elite boost here and there can be of great advantage… anyway, being a medium/high level player without alliance is a quite worse experience than before the alliances came out, as you basically are the strange lone wolf surrounded by huge packs of boosted wolves (not only metaphorically, but also literally :wink:

@MisterE: On the bright side, your Treasure Chamber will always protect at least one day’s-worth of alliance donations. So you can technically raid for one day, and raid enough money to pull your weight for 3 days. I am disappointed that they extended the game in a way that requires you to be active, rather than to just extend the upgrade limits, but at least it’s not /too/ difficult.

What I’m more concerned about is that the Alliance Tower makes you have to spend gems to be competitive <_<