problem with profile

while europe is liberating … flare only permits me too choose between  male / female / not telling  under the profile gender tab.


I m not happy with that


this is very discriminating against trans people…


flare deal with it …


This comment is ridiculous!

We don’t even have a Female “King”, and we’re supposed to have a trans option just so people can feel better that their data is being harvested and categorized correctly?  It literally makes no in game difference. Grow up! 

And I don’t care if you all jump on me with whatever emotional hate speech responses you do.  I just don’t care.  Get a thicker skin, you too Mickyoao!

Wow! Transphobia alive and well. Good thing you don’t care about being called a bigot… The fact that you had to reply in any way but supportive says something about how thin your skin is.

Typical Response.


Actually, note: You basically just said to respond in any way but supportive is bigotry. That’s what I hate.  You claim the only decent response is to agree!  And I have a big problem with that.  I’ll disagree with anything anyone tells me I have to agree with just to piss them off.

Rofl… Really… Hahahahahaha… Ooh. Jeez… Can t believe this… Rofl…

Ok serious now : let s share a moment in silence and have faith in humanity…

It is the only decent response. This isn’t the 1950s so your attitude is basically just prejudice.

Disagreeing pointlessly to cause strife is the response of a troll. Hopefully Flare will agree.

Let’s be clear you want them to spend thousands of dollars to recode and send out another update on a video game (that has many errors and imbalances that need to be fixed!)  Just so that when new users click their gender selection the video game company will now know with slightly more precisions what spam and advertisements to target them with?  (That the only difference it makes!)

Hi guys,


I suppose that Mickyoao is refering only forum profile not to in-game character or i’m wrong?


However, here no flare employer has to agree or disagree, what’s wrong here is the attitude… Please respect each other, thanks. And about your first suggestion Mickyoao this can’t be implemented in a forum, it’s not flare problem because has nothing to do with this thing and probably neither the company that manage the forums side, since it’s only your predisposition/tendency and not your initial state (male or female). So a simply suggestion is put male if you born male, put female if you born female.

Hi Opell

I know you are just trying to help but some of the things you said are quite hurtful to trans people. For example it us not right for them to put their birth sex as they were born trans.

I don’t think Flare should have to change the king itself as there isn’t a female option anyway but as a business they need to be responsive to changing society including trans inclusiveness.

Depending on the country Flare operate from there could be laws preventing trans discrimination so it is relevant (especially as I think this game is European in origin).


Everything you just said: Ridiculous.

* Reference my initial response: Ridiculous!

You re right , only forum… As my game character looks slightly male but runs like a woman (just by matter of expression, no offence meant) :slight_smile:

I understand it s the company that manages the forums that won t allow you to add

I have to disagree on the last point : Some laws do recognize it as an initial state … Hence the post…

I know a guy who’s gone through a lot of body modification to make himself more lizard-like.  (Okay, I know a guy who did the body modification on the guy.  So I know a guy who knows a guy.) 

But the question is: should we make a new box for him to check: lizard?  He was born human, but it felt right to be more lizard-like.  So to prevent discriminating against him, we should add a lizard option as well. 


Final note: At some point you just have to draw the line and just say get a thicker skin. As I said I know a guy who knows a guy who’s working on that.

I don’t understand what is wrong with you. Are you just naturally a bully? How can you compare something serious like gender dysphoria with a guy in a lizard costume? So you hate trans people. Great. You aren’t contributing here so why don’t you go do something else instead of trying to nake people feel like crap?


Lizard Costume!  NO!  Lizard body modifications!  Jewels like scales implanted into his skin.  Tongue forked.  Tattooing to finish off the scale.  Dental implants to permanently create fangs.  Neck elongation via stretching, basically not much different than the torture device known as the rack.  This transformation was more expensive and probably more intensive than most gender reassignments.  And just like many gender reassignment!  it required intensive psych evaluations to even be permitted.  I’m sure that he would feel his transformation was just as meaningful.  So my question remains: you have to draw the line somewhere. 


P.S. This whole thread isn’t contributing anything to FlareGames which was my original point.

Maerique I suggest you leave this topic alone, there must be consequences to what your doing…and what’s your problem with people that are trans?



Just fyi, it is not possible with this software.

The only genders possible are Male, Female and “Not telling”.


Also, I close this topic, as it starts turning to a fight between players, which is against the forum rules :grinning: